Digestive System and Immunity

The immune system helps to protect the digestive system. We ingest toxins and bacteria daily, and our immune systems fight off things that potentially could be harmful. Sometimes when we eat certain foods, our immune system will not develop a tolerance for that specific food. This could be a result of pesticides, genetics or other factors. When we do not develop tolerances, this could lead to our digestive track becoming inflamed. This information is important to athletes because it is important for them to keep healthy balance of good bacteria in their digestive system and listen to their immune system for any issues.


Athletes must stay aware of any issues with their immune and digestive systems, as these problem could seriously hinder their athletics. Consuming good bacteria, such as probiotics, can decrease one’s susceptibility for depression, stress and anxiety.  Eating a balanced diet with vitamins and nutrient and getting enough sleep every night can help to keep an athlete healthy.



My View on Nutrition

I was not raised with the best nutrition. My mom allowed us to eat basically whatever we wanted. Even though in school we were taught about eating a healthy diet, I didn’t really care that much.

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As I got older and began sports, I took my health more seriously as it affected my performance. When I was about 14, I started to eat a lot healthier. This has carried on to my life now.